Specialized Facilitation Services

We offer a variety of professional facilitation services. Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a custom quote.

Facilitated Conflict Resolution and Strategic Problem Solving

We facilitate individual or group sessions to analyze and understand a complex problem or interpersonal conflict, generate solution options and facilitate the decision making and action planning processes. We use proven coaching, communication and negotiation techniques to facilitate greater understanding and ability to identify creative solutions.

Communications and Relationship Building for Two or More People

Relationships are all about communication. What you say, how you say it, and when, where and who you say it to affects your relationships and personal success. We facilitate sessions with two or more people to address a current challenge, and at the same time teach effective communications skills for improved relationships. Direct coaching provides both a learning experience for sustainable skills and facilitated resolution of the current challenge.

New Leader Assimilation

The new leader assimilation process is a facilitated session between a new leader and his/her organization. The purpose is to accelerate the introduction and acceptance of the new leader and fast-track team cohesion and high performance.

Meeting Facilitation & Key Note Speaking

We also provide general meeting facilitation services and key note speaking on topics related to leadership effectiveness. Contact us for more information.